Tiny Hamptons Rental Program


Rental Program Partnerships

The program is only available for a select few. We are looking for people who would like to become partners, and who would like monthly income with little investment.   Airbnb, or the equivalent, will be used for rentals to generate monthly income. 

Tiny Hamptons LLC will supply the tiny house for the Partner’s site free of charge. Tiny Hamptons will determine which unit is best for the site and Tiny Hamptons will be the sole owner of the unit. Tiny Hamptons will deliver and set up the unit on the site that has been approved. Once in place, the unit cannot be moved or changed in any way without prior consent of Tiny Hamptons.   

Potential Partners must have the following:  First, an acceptable site as approved by Tiny Hamptons in its sole discretion.  The site must be accessible for delivery, utilities including electric, water and septic. Units can have black and gray water tanks as needed but the partner must have a way of pumping those tanks. 

If you would like to be considered as a  partner and you have a site per the information above, simply send an email with your information to support@tinyhamptonshomes.com Your response must include all information about your site including address and pictures, plus a brief background about yourself and a brief statement of why you feel that you and your site would be an ideal match for our program. 

This program is a business opportunity and meant to be a partnership.  While the unit is for rentals only, personal use of the unit is prohibited unless booked through the reservation system and any use outside this will void the agreement and result in the unit being removed. 


All revenue for nightly rentals will flow through Tiny Hamptons LLC with the Partners share being 35% of total revenue minus any booking, credit card or other fees associated with the direct rental of the unit.  Reconciliations of revenue including revenue checks are sent to the Partners on a monthly basis.  Partners can verify nightly rentals as they will have an ongoing list of all guests.  

Let us know if you think you would be a good fit for our tiny house program

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